Fresh media is a publishing agency with the main focus on the philosophy 'What & Where'. We publish the weekly cultural-event-guide K-pasa on Curaçao (what?). We also publish maps on Curaçao with a variety of themes (where?).

Since 1997, K-pasa has been published on a weekly basis on the island of Curaçao, it has shown a weekly overview of things to do on the Island. We never missed a week! Furthermore since 1997 our maps have been pulished almost yearly, providing the most exact cartography to be found on Curaçao.

Our most well known titles are:

- 'Drive & Dive map Curaçao'  - new release May 2012 / the number one and best selling tourist map on the island.

- 'Business map Curaçao'  - new release May 2012 / free handy road map to business, handed out by the Chamber of Commerce.

- 'Bon Bini map' Curaçao - new release June 2012. / free island map for all new inhibitants on Curaçao, handed out by the government and the dutch marine.

Within our philosophy we are working hard, at this present moment, to combine the needs of both tourists and locals, to find their way around the island on a digital platform.
K-pasa is going to have a brother and a sister. - The Kpasa app - The K-pasa newsletter

Soon K-pasa is also going to be published in an app on the phone and additionally K-pasa is going to be published in the form of a weekly Newsletter, which is going to inform the island about all weekly activities regarding Entertainment, Shopping & Lifestyle by e-mail.

Last but not least, within the theme Entertainment, Shopping & Lifestyle we are going to introduce Qué Deal, which will deliver Daily Deals on the caribbean islands by e-mail.

Subscription for these new digital publications is possible now. The links can be found on our Fresh homepage or on our K-pasa website

To advertise in the K-pasa Curaçao, the number 1 weekly event guide, or to advertise in one of our maps, please visit our homepage. In the top menu of our Fresh website you can find the relevant informational brochures.

The Fresh team is at your disposal !

Regards, The Fresh team